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What is Chemist?

Chemist is an interactive virtual chemistry lab for trying different experiments, exploring various chemicals and doing scientific researches. And it is the only one on the market.

Go Explore

Chemist offers a full set of the most essential apparatuses used in chemistry experiments and procedures. From the baking soda and vinegar reaction to the thermite reaction, go explore.

Unlimited Possibilities

Chemist can run without connecting to the Internet: there is a built-in database with hundreds of reagents and reactions. More new chemicals and reactions will also be available via an automatic download from the online database. Possibilities are endless.

Profession not Required

Chemist’s intuitive Tap-Drag design makes it easy for everyone to perform experiments immediately. Chemist breaks down complicated science to fun and simplicity: you never need to be a professional to discover.

Impress Yourself

Chemist automatically shows reaction effects and the corresponding formulas, facilitating a more involved learning experience. Seeing chemistry reactions in real time gives life to formulas on paper.

Reach Higher

Chemist presents real-time property data of all substances once the Label function is activated. Professionals can also adjust experiment environments, including temperature, air composition, and speed of time. Dream big, and reach higher.

Keep Trying

Chemist is self-contained, providing a safe experiment environment that avoids messy, toxic, explosive, corrosive, carcinogenic, or any other dangerous results in a real laboratory. Kid Mode also protects youngsters from using hazardous chemicals. Keep trying, and leave the rest to Chemist.

Read Lab Safety Disclaimer.

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